Weekly Weather Headlines- May 29


Kansas- Strong storms raked parts of Kansas earlier this week. In addition to tornadoes, hail of 4.25″ was reported. That’s about the size of a softball. At least two people were killed in the storms.

Oklahoma- Severe storms dropped tornadoes across Oklahoma City and its suburbs on Tuesday. Piedmont was one of the communities hit hardest. At least 11 twisters tore through the region, three of which have been declared EF-4s by the National Weather Service. At least 1o people died in the storms.

Texas- The severe storms that hit Oklahoma also extended into North Texas Tuesday night. Observers at Love Field in Dallas reported a tornado on the ground in a special observation. That led to the cancellation of hundreds of flights, and the sheltering of fans at the Ranger’s Ballpark in Arlington. No tornado was reported at the park, but hail did fall for a time. The game resumed after the storm delay, and fans were allowed to return to their seats.

Vermont- Torrential downpours flooded parts of Central Vermont late this week. The rapid deluge, which amounted to as much as 7″ in some spots, washed out roads and flooded businesses near Montpelier and Barre.

Missouri- The clean-up and damage assessment continues in Joplin, a week after a massive EF-5 tornado tore through the city. Thousands of homes and businesses were destroyed or badly damaged, including the local hospital. The death toll currently stands at 142, but is expected to rise. This is the deadliest single tornado since reliable tornado records began in 1950.