Stars May Align for B’s

The Boston Bruins are now in Vancouver awaiting Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. If the B’s are able to beat the Canucks on Wednesday night, they would win their first Stanley Cup since 1972. Interestingly enough, the stars are already aligning for the Bruins…in a sense.

A Total Lunar Eclipse will take place on June 15. The eclipse, which will last 100 minutes, is the longest in 11 years. It won’t be visible from North America, but sky watchers in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Australia will be able to see the spectacle.

A Total Lunar Eclipse also occurred on October 27, 2004. True sports fans will remember that as the night when the Red Sox swept the Cardinals to win their first Word Series title in 86 years.

So, is this some kind of astronomical sign that the Bruins will win? We can hope!

For those curious, a lunar eclipse occurs when Earth passes directly in-between the sun and moon, casting a deep shadow through which the moon travels.