High Astronomical Tides

This week’s New Moon is contributing to astronomically high and low tides.

Even though the New Moon occurred on Tuesday, the highest tides of the week will actually occur on Friday. Here in Hingham, and in other nearby cities and towns, a 12.1 ft. high tide is set to occur at 2 PM on Friday. Fortunately, we don’t have any coastal storms nearby to create serious coastal flooding concerns.

However, 10-11 foot high tides also occurred on Thursday, and will continue to occur through the weekend. Today’s easterly wind helped to push that already high tide toward the coast, resulting in minor splash-over and flooding. Tim Kelley took this picture of street flooding along Scituate Harbor on Thursday.

The onshore winds will relent for the rest of the week and for the weekend, so the threat for splash-over will diminish after today.

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