Near Record Warm & Snowless Winter Continues

2012 picked up right where 2011 left off, continuing a long stretch of above average temperatures and below average snowfall.

Warm Trend in Hingham

January featured an average high of 41.9 [+4.6] and an average low of 25.2 [+4.6]. Combined, that resulted in an average temperature of 33.6, which is 4.7 degrees above the long term average.

When combined with December, which was also about 5 degrees warmer than normal, the two month stretch is the 2nd warmest December-January on record since 1960. The warmest stretch came in 2001-2002.

Recall that this follows the warmest autumn on record as well. In fact, temperatures have been well above normal since July.

Hingham Snow Well Below Average

In addition to the warmth, Hingham continues to run a snowfall deficit. The first measurable snow of the season fell this month, providing all of the 8.1″ that currently makes up the seasonal total. That is about a third of what we typically see by this time in the season.

Remember that a typical season overall sees 48″.

Boston Lacks Snow Too

In Boston, a mere 7.8″ of snow has fallen so far this winter. 6.8″ of that total came this month. While several weeks of winter still remain, many have been wondering what the least snow season ever recorded was. The answer is the 1936/1937 season when 9.0″ fell in the city.