Record Heat Threatens Marathon

The Boston Athletic Association has issued a ‘Warm Weather Advisory’ ahead of Monday’s Boston Marathon as record high temperatures are expected around Greater Boston. Marathon organizers are so concerned about the heat that they are allowing 2012 participants to defer entry until next year, and they are leaving the finish line open one hour later.

The race, which kicks off in waves between 9:17 AM and 10:40 AM from Hopkinton, will begin with temperatures already around 73 degrees. That temperature would already be considered far above average for this time of year, but under mostly sunny skies highs will climb into the middle 80s during the day. The record high for the date in Boston is 84 and dates back to 2003. That reading is certainly in jeopardy.

Warm, southwestly winds will push in the mild conditions and will largely be at the backs of the runners as they sprint through Metro West and into downtown Boston.

While hydration is always critical when running a marathon, officials say it is even more vital now that temperatures are expected to be so high.