Wind Power Faces Challenges on S. Shore

While wind turbines have been cropping up all over the South Shore in recent years, future expansion is threatened by a number of challenges.

Hull, which already receives 12% of its power from two land-based turbines, has been looking to invest in off-shore wind turbines for more than five years. Cost has long been an impediment to the plan, and a recently released study does nothing to change that.

The plan calls for five large wind turbines to be built 1-3 miles offshore, together producing up to 25 megawatts of electricity. While that would make Hull completely powered by wind, the project would cost a staggering $105 million.

Town officials will review the plan over the next several months, and return to the issue after the new year.

Meanwhile, Scituate officials are getting an earful from residents near that town’s new turbine.

Third Cliff residents report that the shadows cast by the turbine, and the noise it generates, are disturbing their way of life. A recent proposal to the Board of Health, that would result in the turbine being shut down between 10PM and 6 AM if the wind blows from a certain direction, was not seconded. Town leaders have agreed to further study the issue with a newly formed committee, however.

Last year, produced a short feature on South Shore wind power–