November, Autumn End Cool & Dry

For only the second time this year, a monthly mean temperature has come in below average.

Hingham’s average temperature in November was 41.1, that’s 2.8 degrees colder than normal. June, the other cooler than normal month this year, was 1.5 degrees cooler than average.

In addition to being cool, November was very dry. Hingham’s total of 2.04″ was 2.74″ below normal. Boston only recorded 1.01″ during the month, making it the 10th driest November on record.

Like Hingham, Boston was also cool during November. That, combined with the other two Autumn months of September and October, made the Autumn slightly cooler than average. The mean temperature was 0.1 degrees below average.

Despite the cold end to November, the early part of December will feature a fair amount of warmth.