Chilly Wind Blows Behind Snow

Saturday Snowfall VerificationThe most widespread, and sizable, snowstorm since February 2011 left behind nearly a foot of snow for some in Greater Boston. Most of the South Shore, however, missed out again.

The map at left shows my snowfall forecast (numbers in white) with the actual snowfall totals in black. Almost all areas verified nicely, expect the immediate coast from Boston down through Hingham and the South Shore.

Rain was expected to start the storm the the coast, which is why I cut back on the expect totals there. However, I did not expect the rain/snow line to back all the way to the Bristol/Plymouth County line. Of course the change to all snow did come, but too late to meet the forecast. As a result, the 6-10″ forecast was far overdone for interior Plymouth County, and the 4-8″ forecast was overdone for immediate coastal towns from Boston to Hingham to Marshfield. Less than 1″ fell right along the water’s edge, while places like South Hingham and Norwell picked up 3-4″ (close to the low end forecast).

It was close though. Logan Airport reported 2.6″ of snow, while Cambridge measured 5.5″. Basically a 10 mile difference in where I expected the rain/snow line made all the difference in the world. That’s why forecasting in New England is so challenging, but always fun!

All of the snow that did fall Saturday is now frozen solid, with temperatures falling into the 20s overnight. Gusty northwest winds will blow today, so a Wind Advisory is in effect. Gusts to 40 MPH at times are likely. Next week looks cold too, so the mountain of snow inland isn’t going anywhere fast.

How much snow did you pick up? Let me know in the comments section.