December: Record Latest Sub-20 Temperature

HotDecember closed out 2012 as yet another warm month in Hingham.

The average high temperature in December was 45.2 degrees [+2.9], and the average low was 30.5 [+4.4]. Combined, that resulted in an average temperature of 37.9, which is 3.8 degrees above the average. That makes this past December the 10th warmest on record, with data going back to 1950.

Interestingly enough, it took until December 31 for Hingham to notch a low temperature below 20 degrees. That sets a new record, beating the date of December 23 set back in 1998. The average date for this to occur is November 27.

December also tallied 6.52″ [+1.95″] of precipitation. In a dry year overall, that was enough to nab the wettest month of the entire year. The snowfall total of 2.8″ [-6.6″] fell well short of the average, but was still more than the trace that was recorded last year.

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