Wind-Swept Warmth for Wednesday

Rainy BostonWarmer air is on the move tonight, but its stay will be rather short-lived.

The warm air arrives with a few showers tonight, and settles in by morning.

Wednesday will start off with lows in the middle 30s, about where we should be for afternoon highs this time of  year. By afternoon, expect temperatures to warm well into the 50s.

The trade-off, however, is that the day will be cloudy and occasionally foggy. There will also be a few hit or miss showers during the day, although most of the daylight hours will be dry.

Winds will ramp up as the day wears on, peaking overnight Wednesday into Thursday as a cold front comes through. Gusts will reach 40-60 MPH at night, which is also when a band of downpours blows in. A few rumbles of thunder Wednesday night into early Thursday morning are also possible. Most places will pick up 0.25-1″ of rain. That’s much need rain, since the month has been very dry so far.

Thursday will dawn dreary and mild, but temperatures will cool during the day as chillier air flows in on a gusty westerly wind. Sunshine will also redevelop with time.

We’re back into the mid-30s by Friday.