Confidence Builds on Late Week Snow

Hingham SnowIt almost seems fitting that on the 35th anniversary of the Blizzard of ’78 we are tracking what may be a major winter storm by week’s end.

I’ve been discussing this next storm for days, noting that confidence was low in its development and resultant track. New information today, however, indicates that the chances of seeing significant snow from this storm have increased. At this point I would give Greater Boston a 40% chance of seeing at least 8″ of snow, with about a 25% chance of 12″+.

While the potential is there for at least a foot of snow from this storm, I caution that we are still three days away from the event. A shift in track of just 50 miles north could make this more of a rain event for Southeastern Massachusetts (still snow inland), while a 50 mile shift south would make this a light to moderate snow event.

The brunt of this storm is likely to hit Friday and Friday night, wrapping up Saturday morning. As such, if you have travel plans during that time it may be prudent to adjust accordingly.

I’ll post my formal snowfall forecast by Wednesday evening.