Final Preps Made, Shelters Open as Storm Nears

Hingham SnowHingham Town Officials announced late Friday morning that beginning at 1 PM a storm shelter will open at Hingham’s Senior Center. The shelter, co-located with Town Hall on Central Street, is open to Hingham residents worried about power outages, snow problems, or coastal flood related issues.

Snow has started right on schedule this morning, but roads remain mostly wet. As the snow continues, conditions will go down-hill. Because of that, travel and preparations should be completed by 2 PM if possible.  That means car tanks should be full of gas, and kitchens should be stocked with bread, milk, and batteries. That makes all true New Englanders feel better about a snow storm!

It may also be worthwhile to have a roof rake handy. A widespread 1-2 feet of snow will be sitting on roofs early next week (more with drifts). That weight alone is unlikely to cause structural issues, but rain is expected Monday afternoon. That added pressure may create structural issues, or ice dam problems, if some snow is not cleared by then.

The storm is still set to peak from 8 PM to 8 AM. Travel during that time will be nearly impossible with blizzard conditions at times.