Top 3 Snowfall, Hurricane Gusts Come with Blizzard

Blizzard of 2013, Boston, Hingham, SnowAfter a 12 hours power outage, is back online this morning.

While snow continues this morning, the blizzard peaked overnight. Gusts reached hurricane force, 76 MPH, at Logan Airport in Boston and 66 MPH here along the water in Hingham. Winds will continue to die down today.

Those powerful winds downed countless trees and power-lines overnight, resulting in widespread outages across the South Shore and Greater Boston. In Norwell a tree landed on a police cruiser Friday night, trapping an officer inside the vehicle for a time. The officer eventually escaped, but was injured. A Marshfield officer was also briefly trapped after wires fell on his patrol vehicle.

Snowfall, which was initially wet and heavy along the coast, become fluffier as temperatures fell overnight. The fluffy nature of the snow, combined with the powerful winds, led to huge drifts and difficult measurements. Here are the latest totals reported: Framingham (30.5″), Wilmington (27.0″), Weymouth (26.0″), Jamaica Plain (25.5″), Braintree (24.1″), East Boston (24.9″), Easton (24.0), West Hingham (22.0″), Crow Point section of Hingham (19.0″). The East Boston reading at Logan Airport makes this the 5th largest snowfall on record in Boston, while the West Hingham reading is the 3rd largest on record dating back to the 1950s. Only the Blizzard of ’78 (28.4″) and the April Fools Day Blizzard of 1997 (23.0″) scored higher totals in Hingham. Little additional snow will fall before it tapers off this afternoon.

Of course coastal flooding is also an ongoing issue this morning. Flooding was reported on Surfside Drive in Scituate last night, as well as in the Crow Point section in Hingham. Marshfield had flooding in Brant Rock.

This morning’s tide was higher, leading to more widepsread problems. On the North Shore, structural damage was reported along Northern Boulevard in Salisbury. Here on the South Shore flooding was reported on Atlantic Ave. and Nantasket Ave. in Hull, as well as in the Crow Point section of Hingham. In Scituate many streets around Scituate Ave., Turner Rd., and Oceanside Dr. were submerged. Some families, with homes surrounded by flood water, were rescued and brought to shelter. Marshfield also reported flooding in the area of Plymouth Ave.

This is video of the flooding from Hingham. Stay tuned for more updates–