Rain to Create New Round of Storm Problems

Ice Dam, Roof Concerns, Collapse, Boston, South Shore, HinghamWith thousands still lacking power, mainly across Southeastern Massachusetts, the immediate concern remains keeping people warm in temperatures that plunged into the single digits this morning. Fortunately highs today will climb to seasonable levels in the middle and upper 40s with abundant sunshine. Going into tomorrow, however, new problems will arise.

An area of rain will spread into the area by late morning, and will continue periodically through the afternoon. Most places will see 0.25-0.50″ of rain. Rain is good in the sense that it will lead to some melting, but think of how many storm drains remain clogged with feet of snow. That will create a backlog of water on many roads, so be alert for flooding as you are out and about on Monday. If at all possible, take some time today to clear the storm drain near your home. Digging out fire hydrants is also helpful.

The rain will also add weight to the snow already on your roof. Because of drifting, some roofs have virtually nothing on it while others have close to 5 feet stacked up. When more water is added to that existing snow, some weak structures may be stressed. Even if structural integrity doesn’t become an issue, ice dams may. The freezing, melting, and then re-freezing of ice and snow on roofs may lead to leaks. Today is the day to grab a roof rake and clear as much of your roof as possible.