It’s Official…it was a Blizzard

Blizzard of 2013, Snow, Hingham, BostonStrictly defined blizzard conditions are met when sustained winds reach 35 MPH or greater, with visibilities less than a quarter of a mile, for at least three hours. According to the National Weather Service, this weekend’s storm did just that.

New information released on Monday confirms that the weekend snowstorm was in fact a blizzard. Worcester logged 8 hours of blizzard conditions, while Norwood notched blizzard condition for 7.5 hours.

Bedford and Falmouth both experienced blizzard conditions for 4.5 hours.

In Marshfield blizzard conditions were observed for 2.5 hours before a power outage at the height of the storm. At the same time, Boston hit blizzard conditions for 2 consecutive hours, and for 4 of 6 total consecutive hours overall at the height of the storm. As a result, the National Weather Service will classify both sites as having met blizzard criteria.

Beverly and Plymouth both lost data at the height of the storm, so while blizzard conditions cannot be confirmed, it is likely that a blizzard also occurred at both sites.