Wet & Windy Wednesday On Tap

Rainy BostonThe crippling blizzard now impacting the Southern Plains, and soon the Mid-West, will impact us by Wednesday. Fortunately it will be a wet, and not white, system by the time it reaches Boston.

The storm will spread rain into the area beginning Wednesday morning, likely during the commute. Areas inside of 495, but north and west of Boston, will likely start as a rain/snow mix. No more than a slushy dusting-1″ will accumulate in those areas before a full change to rain occurs later in the morning. Still, all the wet weather is likely to slow down the morning drive.

Rain will continue through the day, with the steadiest rain ending during the evening. You’ll also notice winds become gusty during the daylight hours. Easterly winds will be strongest during the afternoon, gusting between 45-55 MPH along the coast.

While Greater Boston, including the South Shore, will have a wet and windy day there will be a wintry component to this storm. Areas north and west of 495, in portions of Central Massachusetts and New Hampshire, will see snow out of the storm. So if you’re plans take you north on Wednesday keep that in mind.

Thursday will remain rather drab with lots of clouds and a few hit or miss showers.