Raw Sewage Released in Hull After Wet Month

Atlantic Ocean, Waves, Hull, Boston HarborAn abnormally wet and snowy month likely contributed to flooding at Hull’s Sewer Plant this morning.

According to the Town of Hull a mechanical failure occurred at the Sewer Plant early Thursday morning. The failure followed a 10 ft. surge of sewage water into the plant, likely the result of recent heavy rain and snow melt. While still assessing the situation, officials believe the flooding likely damaged some of the plant’s electronic systems. Until the plant is back online it is being bypassed altogether. That means the 1.7 million gallons of sewage that typically passes through the Hull plant each day is being released into the ocean untreated.

Town officials insist that water is safe to drink in town, but they also ask residents to limit water usage until the problem is resolved. Hull Public Schools were closed Thursday as a result.

The flooding makes sense given the wet pattern lately. In fact, you may have noticed your sump pump working hard this week. Wednesday’s rain storm dropped 1.60″ of rain in Hingham, with a similar amount in Hull. That heavy rain comes on the heals of the 4th snowiest February in 60 years on the South Shore, with 31.5″ falling in Hingham. While the snow pack was down to about 6″ before this week’s rain, those remaining snow piles were loaded with water that is now being released in milder conditions.

When all of this month’s snow was melted down, and combined with the rain that fell, the liquid total reached 6.82″ this month. That’s nearly 3″ greater than average, and places February 2013 at 5th wettest in 60 years.