2010 Warmest on Record in Hingham

It’s official: 2010 was the warmest year since Hingham records began 58 years ago.

The first ten months of the year were all well above normal in terms of temperature. Even with a slightly colder than normal November, and a much colder than normal December, the year still edged out 1998 to become the warmest year on record.

2010 was also the warmest year on record at the Blue Hill Observatory, which has over 100 years of largely unbiased weather data.

Back in Hingham, December was not only colder than normal, but also drier than normal.

Average High: 38.6 [-2.8]
Average Low: 23.5 [-1.9]
Average Temperature: 31.1 [-2.2]

Rainfall 3.86″ [-0.71″]
Snowfall: 15.3″

Prior to December 2010, the last significantly colder than normal December we experienced was back in 2000 when the average temperature was 29.5 [-4.0].

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