Weekly Weather Headlines- Apr. 17


Tornadoes tore through the nation this week, leading to widespread destruction and several casualties.

Iowa- The first round of severe weather hit Iowa last weekend. A powerful twister demolished 120 homes in the small town of Mapleton, but fortunately no one was killed thanks to advance warning.

Wisconsin- From Iowa the storms traveled to Wisconsin, where at least 11 tornadoes touched down last Sunday. That set a new record for number of tornadoes to hit the state in one day during the month of April. The old record was 10.

Of those tornadoes, one was an impressive EF-3 storm, and two were rated EF-2s.

North Dakota- Amidst the severe weather, residents of Fargo anxiously watched the Red River crest on Monday. The river reached its fourth highest level on record, leading to widespread flooding. Residents spent days sandbagging the city to prevent more serious water damage.

Oklahoma- Thursday brought the next round of severe storms to the Plains. Several tornadoes touched down across Southern and Eastern Oklahoma. In the town of Tushka, two elderly sisters were killed after a tornado tore through town. Several buildings, including a school, were heavily damaged or destroyed.

Arkansas- The storms trekked east into Arkansas to end the week, leading to more death and destruction. A total of 7 people were killed in the storms. Many of the victims died after trees fell onto their homes.

Alabama & Mississippi- “Dixie Alley” lived up to its name over the weekend, with dozens of tornadoes tearing through the two states. In Mississippi, 10 people were injured after an EF-3 twister struck Clinton. One Mississippian was killed in the storms, while 7 died in nearby Alabama.

North Carolina & Virginia- The outbreak ended with a deadly finale in North Carolina and Virginia on Saturday. Dozens more tornadoes hit both states, leading to at least 22 deaths in North Carolina, and another five in Virginia. Bertie County, North Carolina suffered the most damage with 11 deaths, 50 injuries, and at least 75 homes totally destroyed. Saturday will likely go down in the state’s history as one of the worst tornado outbreaks on record. Both Virginia and North Carolina are currently in a State of Emergency due to the storm damage. The image above, sent to HinghamWeather.com by our friends at Carolina Forecast, shows the damage in some of the heavily impacted areas.

The Thursday through Saturday severe weather event logged 241 reports of tornadoes in 14 states. With more than 40 deaths, this is the deadliest outbreak since the “Super Tuesday” outbreak that killed 50 in 2008.