5 Day Forecast

5 Day 4'20'14

Detailed Forecast for Hingham, the South Shore, and all of Greater Boston

High: 60-64
Low: 36-40
Sunny and around 60 degrees, perfect weather for the marathon. Wind out of the southwest around 10mph.

High: 65-69
Low: 42-46
Mostly sunny and warm with some areas reaching up to 70! Wind out of the southwest at 10-15mph. Showers will be moving in overnight.

High: 52-56
Low: 33-37
Rainy overnight and throughout the morning hours. Rain will cease, and skies will begin to clear in the early afternoon. Temperatures will drop significantly, and will be in the mid-50′s. Wind out of the northwest around 15mph.

High: 56-60
Low: 35-39
Partly cloudy and mild. Wind coming from the west around 15mph.

High: 59-63
Low: 38-42
Mostly sunny for the first half of the day, but skies will become cloudy towards the evening as a new front moves in. Highs will be in the low 60′s, but temperatures will drop quickly overnight. Wind out of the southwest around 10mph.