Seven Day Forecast

7 Day 9'17'14

Detailed Forecast for Hingham, the South Shore, and all of Greater Boston

High: 65-69
Low: 49-53
Partly cloudy with a light northwest wind.

High: 64-68
Low: 47-51
Mostly sunny with a 5-10mph northwest wind.

High: 59-63
Low: 42-46
Chilly, especially in the morning. Sunny with a 10mph northeast wind.

High: 68-72
Low: 44-58
Sunny and noticeably warmer. Wind now out of the southwest at 10mph.

High: 75-79
Low: 49-53
Even warmer that Saturday, but a bit cloudier as well. Wind out of the southwest at 10mph.

High: 78-82
Low: 54-58
Rainy for most of the day with highs near 80! Wind out of the west at 10-15mph.

High: 63-67
Low: 55-59
More seasonable weather returns, but the clouds will stay. Wind out of the northwest at 5-10mph.