Seven Day Forecast

7 Day 10'19'14

Detailed Forecast for Hingham, the South Shore, and all of Greater Boston

High: 56-60
Low: 36-40
Mostly sunny and cool.

High: 59-63
Low: 43-47
Partly cloudy morning skies will transition into a gray afternoon with showers by late evening.

High: 61-65
Low: 48-52
Very rain and very windy. Many places will pick up an inch of rain (locally up to 2″) on Wednesday alone. Wind gusts will be up to 35mph on the coast and 25mph inland.

High: 64-68
Low: 50-54
Rainy weather persists, but the wind will be much lighter. Towns will likely pick up another half inch (locally 1″) of rain.

High: 63-67
Low: 51-55
Mostly cloudy with temps in the mid-60′s.

High: 58-62
Low: 43-47
Sunny and cool.

High: 55-59
Low: 37-41
Sunny and chilly, more weather like this to come.