Seven Day Forecast

7 Day 10'26'14

Detailed Forecast for Hingham, the South Shore, and all of Greater Boston

High: 59-63
Low: 41-45
Average fall weather; partly cloudy and cool.

High: 65-69
Low: 42-46
Mostly sunny with above average highs.

High: 68-72
Low: 49-53
Rainy, but warm. Most areas will get 0.25″ of rain out of this one.

High: 57-61
Low: 43-47
Mostly sunny and much cooler. 

High: 54-58
Low: 40-44
Happy Halloween! The trade-off will be clear skies for cold temperatures. Wind will be light.
** Detailed forecast to be posted Wednesday **

High: 47-51
Low: 34-38
Mostly sunny skies become rainy by the mid-afternoon. Highs only expected to be in the upper 40′s, lows in the lower 30′s.

High: 43-47
Low: 29-33
With overnight and early morning lows in the lower 30′s, do not be surprised if you wake up to a bit of snow on your lawn. The chilly air will last throughout the day, but the snow (if any) will not.