5 Day Forecast

5 Day 4'16'14

Detailed Forecast for Hingham, the South Shore, and all of Greater Boston

High: 48-52
Low: 33-37
Sunny and cool with a 10mph northeasterly wind.

High: 51-55
Low: 35-39
Partly cloudy with temps in the low 50′s. There will be a light southwest wind.

High: 56-60
Low: 36-40
Morning showers will give way to mostly sunny afternoon skies. Temperatures will be about average, maybe reaching 60 away from the coast. Wind out of the northwest at 5-10mph.

High: 58-62
Low: 39-43
Happy Easter! Beautiful weather for any outdoor event: temperatures will range from the low 40′s to about 60, skies will be mostly sunny all day long, and wind will be out of the southwest at 5-10mph.

High: 63-67
Low: 42-46
More warming up, and staying dry. Wind will be out of the southwest at 10-15mph.